Pre-Peak Feeding for Layers: Nutriopt Feeding Strategies and Mineral Nutrition

26 Januari 2020

Trouw Nutrition Indonesia held Layer Roadshow 2020 with the theme “Nutriopt Feeding Strategies and Mineral Nutrition” – a one-day seminar for layer farmers in Medan, Sukabumi, Blitar, and Pasuruan. This seminar was to informed farmers the importance of managing nutrition during the pre-peak phase for layer hens, and introduce Trouw Nutrition’s integrated solution which could increase of min. +2.5 eggs/hen during the period of observation after the implementation of pre-peak feeding, while at the same time reducing feed cost.


Layer Roadshow – Pasuruan

Dr. Sabiha Kadari and Rakhmad Syahriadi as one of the speakers in Layer Raodshow - Medan